Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buffet NYC Showroom Saxophone Day

Today the Buffet NYC showroom had its saxophone day, where their full line of 400 saxophones were on display for any and all to try.  They also unveiled the new 400 gold plated tenor and alto saxes.  In attendance was Victor Goines, a member of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and director of jazz studies at Northwestern University.  Lauren Sevian, 2009 DownBeat critics poll nominee for Baritone Risong Star, Kenneth Radnofsky, Professor of Saxophone at New England Conservatory and Boston Conservatory, Matt Vance who oversees the 400 line when they come to the Buffet headquarters in Jacksonville, Chris Copinger, regional sales manager, and some other great players like Tim Price and Russell Kirk.  On top of that, lots of players, pro, amateur and student came in and tried the horns.

There were periods when there were so many players trying out horns at once that it sounded like a huge traffic jam.  Nevertheless, I met lots of great people and maybe some new business contacts, and had great discussions about music and saxophones with everyone.  Of course I played the 400 altos, and what I wrote in my review still stands.   They are great horns at a price point that can't be beat.    

I will try and post a few pictures of the event as I can get them.  A few are up on the Buffet Showroom's Facebook page, but I'm missing in those shots.  I know I was there.

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