Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keilwerth Saxophones/Ernie Watts @ The Buffet Showroom NYC

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the great Ernie Watts, who came by the Buffet Showroom in NYC to try out some of the different models of Keilwerth Saxophones.  He personally has been playing a Keilwerth SX90R Tenor for many years now.  I also got to meet and talk with some other great players.  All in all, a very nice day. 
Keyan Williams trying out a Keilwerth Nickel Silver Tenor
 I'm trying out the Nickel Silver Alto Saxophone as Keyan Williams looks on
We both agree that it's a great sounding horn
Francois Kloc, Vice-President of Buffet USA and I
Laurie Orr, Buffet Showroom NYC manager and Matt Vance, who oversees Buffet instruments when they enter the US
The great Ernie Watts and I
Ernie Watts playing on a Keilwerth Nickel Silver Tenor Sax.  He can make any saxophone sound good.

Between the saxes.  From left to right, Ernie Watts, a rep from Rico reeds, and Francois Kloc of Buffet USA
Moi in the center, with Baritone Saxist Lauren Sevian(left) and Alto Saxist Russel Kirk(right)
Lauren Sevian, Russel Kirk and Laurie Orr

The weather in NYC today was a mix of snow rain and sleet, so being inside with these great people was a much better way to spend the day. 

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