Monday, November 17, 2014

Thank You World!

When I first started this blog, I was merely doing it as a hobby, a way to relax and write about my favorite instrument to pass time. I figured that at most, some of my friends and the odd web surfer would see it, but that would be about it. Finally, I decided last week to check the stats that are provided on the blogger dashboard and I was surprised that so many people world-wide were reading my blog. I have well over a million readers world-wide.  I also have a nice group of supporters and have gotten many positive comments from readers all over the world which pleases me to no end.  I was also surprised to find that often, as I was Googling something about saxophones, I often saw this blog come up on the first and second pages. So I guess it's time to get a little more serious and devote more time and attention to writing more and better articles and to provide more and better information.

Some of my regulars may have noticed that I have deleted a few of my older posts. The main reason was that I felt that many of my remarks were just a little too opinionated, which may be fine when discussing a subject like teachers for example, but really didn't make sense when discussing or comparing vintage and modern saxophones. Of course, I can still be opinionated about certain "brands" like the crap you see flooding eBay, but in general I decided I really needed to be more objective when discussing saxophones and saxophone equipment and accessories.  By being more objective I feel I can give my readers better and more reliable information. After all, many of my readers are novices or just hobby players, and they are looking for more reliable sources of information in order to make more informed decisions on what to buy, what to practice, what to do in general. Of course, the one place where I remain opinionated is about music itself, and sometimes some of the players, and always about self-important educators.

I had and have the privilege and pleasure of knowing and having known and being friends with and the student of many of the greatest saxophone players in the world, as well as many other instrumentalists and vocalists. I guess one of the advantages, minus the expense and hustle of living in New York City is the fact that so many great artists of all persuasions make it their home, and the greatest from everywhere else come here often to play. This has given me the opportunity to not just see these greats play, but to learn directly from them, to be able to sit down and talk with them, and by doing so, gained so much insight about them, the music and life itself.  It's been and is a pleasure to know all these fine artists, and it has been a fantastic learning experience and continues to be.

I want to thank all the readers around the world who have stopped by to read and comment and encouraged me by their kind remarks.  Knowing this, I want to improve this blog and make it a truly reliable source of information as well as try to be entertaining as well.  I am really now looking forward to creating an even better blog, and hopefully to encourage more people who are interested in the saxophone and music in general to pick up an instrument without fear and just have fun playing.  Thank you world!!!!!!!!!!

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