Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The first time I heard a saxophone was when I was a small boy, and my father would come home from work and practice every night.  He had been a professional musician, but changing times and fortunes caused him to put aside his musical career and concentrate on feeding his family.  However, the love of music never left him, and he played his instrument, and played his very large collection of recordings. All that music in the house gave me a love of music, and as soon as I was able, I began learning the saxophone.  When I began, my father gave me his old sax, a Conn 6M with silver plate and gold bell.
 My father's band in the late 1940's, with him on the far right with his tenor                                                                               
Fast forward to the present, and I now work in music retail, and this gives me the opportunity to see and play literally hundreds of saxophones old and new.   I spend an extensive amount of time play testing all the horns that come through my shop, so any review I give is based on actually spending some time with the instrument.  I also will review mouthpieces and accessories and discuss a disease gripping many sax players today, called mouthpiece-itis. I will also review great saxophone recordings and sax players.  Of course, in these reviews, I may come across as a bit biased since I like these recordings and players, but discuss why I do.

I welcome comments from everybody.  However, keep in mind that my opinion is my opinion, and it's okay to disagree with anything I write.  However, any flaming or name calling will be deleted.  If it can't be written intelligently, you will be blocked.

I welcome all sax players and musicians, and anyone else who loves music.

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